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We are Etoneese

Etoneese is a polish brand which provides you with dermatological products to care for your skin. We offer the best everyday solutions to skin care thanks to its of products created with great dermatological know-how and attention to skin. At Etoneese we like to see skincare as the health of the skin, which is why each product has been developed to become your healthy habit that you are waiting for every day, while providing visible results to your skin. Awareness and prevention in skin care guide our sense of fulfillment.

Our Mission

Our mission and the overriding goal is to maximize your self-confidence so that you can look in the mirror with a smile and love your skin.


Etoneese cosmetics are created thanks to the combination of the world of nature and technology. We reach for ingredients based on biocompatibility. In our laboratory, science and advanced technology in dermatology combine with the best, biologically active ingredients. We have the courage to using only ingredients that directly benefit the health of the skin and support the integrity of our formulations. Thanks to this, our cosmetics provide immediate care effects.

Our Formulations

The composition of the White Touch series was developed with the participation of experienced dermatologists. Thanks to their knowledge and passion, we created cosmetics that will meet the expectations of the most demanding women.

Our Etoneese Team

Our Etoneese team includes a diverse set of smart, capable and dedicated womens. We love making our products and share it with our clients. We think that skincare needs to embrace the individuality and diverse skincare needs of every consumer.

Top quality is our priority. Without compromise!

Welcome to the world of Etoneese, become an #etoneesewoman.